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Buy ice machine purchase skills should pay attention to what?

Ice making machine is widely used in food processing plants, fresh marine industry, industrial cooling and other industries, but also the popularity of milk tea shops, bars, hotels and other places, of course, the market is also suitable for small household ice machine. So, how to choose the ice making machine?

One, the demand for ice:
First of all for ice or other needs of a large number of ice products industry, ice machine demand is very big, but if you buy a large ice machine, mainly depends on two aspects, one is to look at their own food industry or Industrial cooling, the food industry security guards usually pay more attention to the, to ensure the output of ice is absolutely edible. Second look at the consumption of ice, the industry factory generally pay more attention to the speed of production of ice. Combining these two points to determine the choose which kind of ice amount of the machine can be.
Then, generally speaking, in the restaurant: each seat 0.5kg ice; western restaurant: each seat 1kg ice; hotel: each room needs 1kg ice; pearl milk tea, bubble Black Tea, 1kg can supply 7--8 cup of ice; ice, ice sand can supply about 4 cups per kilogram. To know this data, food and beverage industry friends can make a reasonable choice based on their own size and forecast turnover.

Two, understanding of the ice machine ice capacity:


1, ice machine ice production: the user selection, the main consideration to the use of ice. But the production of ice ice machine is affected by environmental conditions vary greatly, need to clear the standard working conditions, compared to the production of ice.

The ice machine industry market research report shows that the ice machine take the international general nominal working condition as the product of the standard conditions (i.e. for the ice water temperature is 15 DEG C - 1 DEG C; the working environment temperature is 21 DEG C - 2 DEG C; power requirements for 220 volt single-phase / three-phase 50 Hz 380 V 50 Hz; water requirement is clean fresh water; work time is 24 hours) we see in the market of certain kilograms of ice machine, that are under the standard condition of each ice volume nissan.
2, understanding of the ice machine ice production in summer: in the summer, the water temperature and environmental temperature increased, the water temperature rise, the ice time equivalent to extend the per plate of ice (because of the freezing point of water is 0 degrees, to the ice making water temperature cooling at room temperature to 0 DEG C compared with the same water to 0 degrees to long term), while the ambient temperature is too high, the air is used for heat exchange of the air cooled type ice making machine of the ice production decline is a grim fact that can not be avoided.

Three, on the selection of ice making machine:
Let's take a look at an ice machine enterprise (High-Giant refrigeration) freshwater ice machine type map:

From the chart we can see clearly the type and its daily ice production capacity, energy consumption, machine size, temperature control and other aspects, before the purchase of ice machine, we naturally want to know which kind of model is more suitable for us. Generally speaking, different brands of model set is different, but it shows the contents are basically the same, it mainly depends on the size of our machine and ice production capacity and energy consumption,then we will determine the final choice according to the product's appearance and other features.
In addition, we also note that the purchase of the ice machine, its output is what type of ice machine, some like particles or flack ice ,some is ice block, some is ice flack, the bigger one is ice bricks, we should be according to their own products to determine which one is more appropriate. In addition, the food industry will not go to buy ice machine for industrial use, and industrial ice machine generally does not need particles of ice making machine.
In general, choose a suitable ice making machine, the first need is to fully understand their own products and demand, secondly to classification of the ice making machine has a clear judgment, then choose the appropriate design process, so as not to buy ice machine in a loss.

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