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Dongguan High-Giant Refrigeration Equipment Co. the best solution for maintaining refrigerated perishables where long-lasting freshness and natural appearance need to be guaranteed. Flake Ice machines offer the widest range of production capacities available. Company is cored on  design and construction refrigeration engineering and electrical engineering installation and maintenance for the air-conditioning; a mixture of refrigeration equipment, cold storage and freezer, maintenance, repair.Compact or split, self-contained or modular, ice machines fit virtually any space and capacity requirement, and are selected as the choice of the most demanding food processing and industrial production companies around the world.

Cube Ice Machines The high-giant is the most popular type of ice cube – ideal for restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Made in the famous high-giant thimble shape, they are available in three different sizes Their clarity makes them the perfect choice for drinks presentation whilst their purity ensures that they are slow melt. Their unique shape means that these cubes are less prone to sticking together in the ice bucket as well as being easier to handle than the more traditional cube ice.